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Officially the Russians have accepted that a torpedo explosion sank the Kursk but have not said what caused it - though they have suggested it followed a collision with a British or American submarine.
The torpedo controls its direction using four fins that skim the inner surface of the supercavitation envelope.
The success of this trial is testament to the knowledge and experience we have gained over more than 35 years of torpedo development.
World War II may be considered the heyday of the American torpedo.
Investigators reportedly established a critical forensic link when they matched metal pieces and traces of explosive recovered from the ship with a stray North Korean torpedo secured by the South seven years ago, Yonhap and other South Korean news outlets reported.
Sailors operating the ship's sonar detection system had not detected any approaching torpedo, Kim said.
Sierra Nevada calls Torpedo "an assertive American IPA .
While such a large number of sensors commands greater computing power (which is a facility that current electronics have made available) it also provides for a much wider angle of 'vision' and thereby suppresses the necessity for the torpedo to 'wiggle' to see left and right.
In front of hundreds of Kings Bay Sailors, veterans and family members, Kingston presented Hall the Air Medal, with gold and silver stars for the second through thirteenth awards, for his "meritorious service while participating in aerial flight, while serving as torpedo plane gunner over the Gulf of Mexico and in the South Pacific area of operations from April 3, 1942, to November 3, 1944.
By the time the second torpedo struck, he was far below deck, trapped in the dark as water seeped in through a hole blown in the hull, with Kuhlow wondering whether he would make it out alive.
US spy tapes back the theory that the Russian submarine Kursk was sunk by a faulty torpedo which exploded.
New hot-runner nozzles are said to achieve ultra-precise alignment between the valve pin or hot-tip torpedo and the gate.