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Even though many of their decisions vis-a-vis technology seemed more cautious than those made by American naval officers--who were somewhat credulous in embracing new technological ideas--the British came out ahead in developing better torpedoes in the long run.
The acquisition of torpedoes was held back because the front runner, Black Shark torpedo, was being made by a Finmeccanica subsidiary called WASS.
MISSILE CARRIER: An RAF Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft comes in to land, the same type of aircraft which carries Sting Ray torpedoes
Without a doubt, the combination of the torpedoes and the skill of the Naval Aviators delivering their weapons with precision flying made that mission in 1951 a total success.
Russia has already taken out of service all Whale torpedoes, which use highly volatile hydrogen peroxide for a propellant and have reportedly been in service since the early 1970s.
Chief Officer Howel, who was on the bridge when the torpedoes struck, was picked up by another vessel, which was torpedoed the following day, and he was lost.
But the torpedo which had jammed and exploded either then blew off the rear torpedo door or burned through it into compartment number one where there was an arsenal of torpedoes.
Duratherm also introduced patented center-fed torpedoes in which the melt flows in a straight line rather than turning a 90[degrees] angle, as in the usual side-fed design.
As other countries increase their submarine forces, the threat of torpedoes to Navy vessels also increases," explained Rear Adm.
Announced as being deployed in the early 1990s, although previously operational as early as 1977, the Shkval is designed as a countermeasure against torpedoes launched by undetected enemy submarines.
Following the completion of this demonstration phase, existing Mod-0 Heavyweight Torpedoes will be upgraded by BAE Systems based at its Broad Oak facility in Portsmouth to the new mod-1 design with initial deliveries in 2020.