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His years were too heavy upon him, the debility of disease and the lethargy and torpor of the silence and the cold were too profound.
LOUISA awoke from a torpor, and her eyes languidly opened on her old bed at home, and her old room.
Wardle, should proceed to the spot where was to be held that trial of skill, which had roused all Muggleton from its torpor, and inoculated Dingley Dell with a fever of excitement.
His eyes were sharp and piercing, save during those intervals of torpor to which I have alluded; and his thin, hawk-like nose gave his whole expression an air of alertness and decision.
Maggie, all this time, moved about with a quiescence and even torpor of manner, so contrasted with her usual fitful brightness and ardor, that Lucy would have had to seek some other cause for such a change, if she had not been convinced that the position in which Maggie stood between Philip and her brother, and the prospect of her self-imposed wearisome banishment, were quite enough to account for a large amount of depression.
The serious North East problems of unemployment, poor services and social deprivation will be addressed effectively when this region throws off the torpor of decades and demands fair property taxation, levels of public investment comparable to Scotland's and the replacement of 12 ineffective local authorities with a regional government with real powers and a commitment to working in real partnership with entrepreneurs.
Nationalism is not the answer but it does offer an angry home for voters frustrated by the ability of conventional politics to find a way out of economic torpor and deal with the inequities created by modern, wealthy western society.
Torpor was then found to be a strategy used when food availability was limited.
htm) Discovery News , torpor, a state of reduced physiological activity, could reduce the metabolic functions of the astronauts with the help of medical procedures.
Not only do they hibernate, but they will use torpor, a semihibernation state, on a daily basis or during cool periods, resulting in a considerable reduction in energetic costs.
Garden dormice were found to use a short sleep called torpor to save energy when there isn't much food around.
One of the great sadnesses for me in recent decades is that Wales, which was once one of the most politically aware and informed countries anywhere on the planet, has descended into an apathetic, intellectual torpor.