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Pull-In speed (Not applicable to VFD control] is the speed at which a motor will bring its load into synchronism--dependent on the inertia of the revolving parts and the load torque.
In an initial phase, for a few cycles, the torque reference is provided directly by the speed controller.
To drive the control scheme for the SR motor, the non-uniform torque characteristics will firstly be examined.
He obviously has a faulty hand position and as a result is applying torque to the bow during the shot.
Spin torque might even have a mechanical realization, contends Pritiraj Mohanty of Boston University.
To top it all off, Torque can turn into a raging beast and slaughter anything that walks in front of him, usually treating players to a slow-motion view of a creature's insides flying across the screen.
The tubes will deliver torque to the axle on the A380 and constitute the main structure of the brake.
By definition, torque increases as the force (Dixon's pull) moves farther away from the axis or pivot point--in this case, the point where the bolts meet the glass.
Torque is defined as the force causing rotation or torsion in machinery.
With adjustable torque capabilities ranging from 15 lb.
The TP-High Torque planetary gear-head was designed for applications where space is at a premium, yet torque requirements are extremely high.
NIST scientists are the developers of an instrument that measures the magnetic torque on a film as it is being deposited onto a single-crystal silicon micro-cantilever.