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Indonesia's disaster mitigation agency pulled out three bodies from the rubble after the torrential rains inundated a village and triggered a landslide near Jakarta.
Project program includes the preparation of technical documentation for a major project to protect against drifts caused by erosion of torrential rivers marked 1 , 2 and 3 in Figure 2), along the regional road R2434 river basin curve Lakavica .
The holiday has been announced in wake of likely torrential rains.
And while some parts endured heavy bouts of rain, it was not as bad as elsewhere in Wales and England, where torrential downpours caused flooding and dangerous driving conditions.
Stephen Davenport, forecast manager for Meteogroup, said: "There was torrential rain and flooding, frequent lightning and lengthy thunderstorms, huge hailstones, some in excess of 7cm in diameter.
The Meteorological Agency warned torrential rains may sporadically continue to hit Tokyo through early Saturday.
Torrential rain and floods caused about 465 thousand hectares of affected crops and around 27.
Meanwhile, a Government minister has confirmed that electricity pylons and power lines are intact and fully operational after torrential rains and dust-storms that hit Aswan .
Liu cited torrential downpours between June 13 and June 27, and heavy rain on July 8 in southern China as particularly damaging.
18 May, May 18 -- At least four people were killed and more than 10000 displaced as Sri Lanka's torrential rains returned causing flood havoc for the second day.
AGRI, May 3, 2010 (TUR) -- Torrential rains have paralyzed daily life in eastern Turkey.
Last summer if you stood in Westminster and couldn't see Big Ben it was because of a torrential downpour.