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Ultrasonographic evaluation reveals counter-clockwise twisting before manual de-torsion; the green arrows show the direction of the spermatic cord torsion (http://bit.
2010) only use experimental data from solid beams under torsion to validate the SMMT.
Strangulation of the Testis by Torsion of the Cord.
Even though the condition occurs in only 3% of patients with abdominal pain, adnexal torsion can be life threatening, and the differential diagnosis from other etiologies (for example, appendicitis or gastritis) is important.
We have selected this model of spermatic cord torsion to produce testicular IR injury based on the earlier reports and we are convinced that this method simulates the true clinical IR injury.
The first stage begins from a system of five differential equations that governs the vibratory torsion movements of the mechanical system represented in figure 2 (Balcau&Arghir, 2009):
Among the methods described there are: a torsion balance where the gravitational torque is balanced by an electrostatic torque produced by an electrometer; a torsion-strip balance where the fibre is substituted by a strip; a dynamic method based on a rotating torsion pendulum with angular acceleration feedback; a free fall method where the determination of G depends on changes in acceleration of the falling object, etc.
Prosthetic prescription and torsion adapter settings for each participant are shown in Table 1.
Although Condition (P) implies torsion freeness, but note that U - (P) does not imply torsion freeness in general, for if S = (N, .
Although torsion tests may be carried out on some universal test systems that perform a variety of physical tests, we only consider specialized torsion testing machines here.