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The design of the test rig consists of two synchronous servo motors which are controlled by two separate frequency converters and mechanically coupled via the specimen for applying the torsional moment.
The differences in the lateral torsional buckling behavior of SSL and SCL materials invite questions as to the lateral torsional buckling behavior of I-joists that contain SCL flanges and OSB webs.
Located at a 45[degrees] angle in the ski, they capture torsional forces' full impact during a turn; forces, which typically rise on condensed snow and elevated speed.
The material properties influencing flexural stiffness and torsional stiffness are Young's modulus (E in N * [m.
In this case it is the GR/ES coupling's softness which is important to cope with the torsional oscillations from the diesel engine acting on a high inertia load.
We are pursuing three or four different applications," says Ed Kraine, development engineer for the torsional axle system.
However, the rotational spring restraint assumption is not always valid; Kollar [10, 12-14] divided the elastic restraints into two kinds based on analysis of the configurations of various sections: (1) when both of the two edges of the restrained plates are restrained, the restraints are equivalent to a rotating spring [11] and (2) when one edge of the restrained plates is free, the restraints are equivalent to torsional stiffener [15].
In perfecting drivelines that are subject to torsional vibrations, Voith Turbo HighFlex has over 35 years experience: customers worldwide are supplied with couplings and coupling shafts individually tailored to their motor.
7-9) A recently developed mode, torsional phacoemulsification, has been reported to be superior to classic longitudinal mode, providing lower US time and energy and more effective phacoemulsification.
This unique design provides high torsional stiffness with low inertia to avoid system resonance in all types of servo systems.
0 extends the analysis functionality of NI LabVIEW software with torsional vibration and human vibration weighting filter LabVIEW VIs.