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Se registra Melanomma subdispersum por primera vez para America del Sur (Argentina), asi tambien a Mytilinidion tortile previamente mencionada unicamente para el hemisferio norte.
Lyubashenko only requires a tortile monoidal category B for which the "cocentre"
39] Andre Joyal and Ross Street, Tortile Yang-Baxter operators in tensor categories, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 71 (1991) pp.
Delta-tocopherols from Sargassum tortile induced settlement of the hydroid Coryne uchidai (Kato et al.
After muhivariable adjustment, the authors found an increased RR of overweight in the third tortile of PCB exposure (RR = 1.
Lead n QTc QRSc JTc biomarker level Tibia lead tortile ([mu]g/g) < 16 191 Reference Reference Reference 16.