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1990) (concluding that "minor children have an independent claim for loss of parental consortium resulting from injuries tortiously inflicted on their parent by a third person").
It is not at all clear where a patient who sustains a single tortiously inflicted, indivisible injury at the hands of doctor x (enrolled in a health court) and doctor y (not enrolled in a health court) would be able to initiate a claim for compensation.
40) This method of proving causation had previously been applied in a case of bladder cancer, where the claimant had been tortiously exposed to carcinogens and non-tortiously exposed to cigarette smoke, both of which are potent causes of the condition.
Mayfair alleged that Szura had tortiously interfered with the confidentiality agreement in the Charon-Mayfair employment contract, as well as with Mayfair's business relationships and expectancies, when Szura engaged Mr.
243, 249-50 (2011) (relating this meaning of "vulnerable" to the vulnerability that accompanies physical embodiment and is often taken advantage of in a situation resulting in tortiously caused harm).
GM's actions had the direct and intended objective of driving Saab Automobile into bankruptcy, a result of GM's tortiously interfering with a transaction between Saab Automobile, Spyker and Chinese investor Youngman that would have permitted Saab Automobile to restructure and remain a solvent going concern," Spyker said.
The jury found that a subsidiary of Boeing had committed fraud and breach of contract and that Boeing had tortiously interfered with ICO's contractual rights in connection with a USD2bn construction and launch agreement for a worldwide satellite communications network.
205) Professor Kenneth Simons describes the framework of the classic assumption of risk situation as one where the plaintiff faces three possible choices: "[n]ot engaging in the activity [at all, e]ngaging in the activity and encountering a tortiously created risk, .
Pierce and his lawyers of tortiously interfering with her right to statutory support and her expectancy of an inter vivos gift from J.
However CIGNA parsed the language of its contract with Bill Mantlo, it does not appear to have acted unlawfully or tortiously.
34) The court emphasized that prior to employing Plant, Nihon Kohden was fully aware of the Agreement's legal ramifications and knowingly ran the risk of being sued by Astro-Med for tortiously interfering with the Agreement by hiring Plant.