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Figure 4(d) compares the results when disregarding the tortuosity factor, i.
Length and tortuosity of fibers (computed here as the ratio of length of a center-line to the distance between its two extremities) as well as the number of bounds per fiber are measured on the segmented center-lines.
Besides providing the reassurance many youngsters need about the caring roles that nurses and doctors play, Raines also introduces her audience to an extremely rare genetic disorder, Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome.
There was little difference in tortuosity between no and low densities, but it increased five times in high hunter densities.
17) Tumor vasculature is morphologically distinct from normal vasculature, showing tortuosity, disorganization, and incomplete pericyte coverage.
Apparently, the length of the pneumatic tube and the degree of tortuosity of the path to the laboratory are contributory factors that correlate with increased sample errors.
In this article, we describe our study, in which we used a standardized measure of tortuosity to compare the amounts of deviation among several different age groups.
In six patients, vessel tortuosity prevented deployment of a Wingspan stent and so he used an Enterprise stent (Codman).
Out of many geometric features used by various authors in the literature[4,7], it is observed that there are five geometric features, namely, circularity, compactness, eccentricity, tortuosity and length-width ratio, which provide better classification results.
One of the mechanisms by which it causes a decline in semen quality is increased testicular temperature due to dilation and tortuosity of pampiniform plexus of veins (1).
Finally, an expression to link the water retention curve to the relative hydraulic conductivity curve can be formulated as a quotient of 2 integrals raised to a power, q, and multiplied by a tortuosity factor, namely [[theta].
Spermatic varicocele is a condition of varicosity and tortuosity of the pampiniform plexus in the spermatic cord.