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The least effective are those who use the opportunity to engage in a bout of extended ekphrasis, translating colour and pigment into ever more tortuously lyrical descriptions.
It looks like good business sense, but managing the next stage of the player's development is tortuously tough.
Bohemians host a Limerick side who have been competitive in all their matches but are finding it tortuously hard to score.
The only downside is the MMI climate/stereo/sat nav control system, which is tortuously difficult to master.
Mayfair also alleged that Szura tortuously interfered with the confidentiality agreement in the Charon-Mayfair employment contract and with Mayfair's business relationships and expectancies.
But relying on free handouts is a harsh reality for the welfare dependant "stars" of BBC1's tortuously named Nick And Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits.
Ted Cruz has figured prominently in the efforts of a small group of Tea Party-aligned Republicans to mount a filibuster against the tortuously negotiated gun control legislation scheduled to make its way to the U.
Such props play a sort of Greek chorus to the absurd action of Rotten berg's videos, commenting, in a subtle but collective voice, on the tortuously convoluted dramas unfolding with the very same dramatic techniques used by the original Greek chorus: echo and synchronization.
From Atlanta by way of Beijing and New York, MDP takes time on his tortuously titled first release "Turn" to reflect on a life of constant change.
When patrons left the cinema by the back entrance they would find themselves in one of the ill-lit alleyways leading tortuously to Green Dragon Yard and eventually the High Street, quite a feat of navigation in the dark.
At the time of this writing, the administration's tortuously nuanced "accommodation" (these services will be made available through the insurance company rather than through the employer directly) is being viewed by many in the religious community as a distinction without a difference.
There's no question that they, who have stuck together through a tumultuous few months at the Racecourse, are fiercely loyal to Morrell but, understandably, that has its limitations and while new owners, Wrexham Supporters' Trust, have been dealt a difficult hand as a result of the tortuously long takeover saga, time now is of the essence in keeping everyone on board.