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As there is not a glimmer of hope of any quality to dad's life, it is truly torturous to live with.
I believe in a slow, torturous sweep of tongue down the lover's belly.
But it seems wrong to put a family already under severe emotional pressure through a torturous appeal process which inevitably has a life or death outcome.
In these torturous attacks, most of the targeted were aged between 16 and 45 years, out of which 13 persons were abducted to unknown destinations and were shot after being severely tortured.
He decides that waterboarding someone 183 times in a month does in fact cross the torture threshold, though he goes on to indulge a correspondent who comes to the opposite conclusion: "If something was happening to me 6 times every day for a month, it is quite safe to say it isn't very torturous.
It is claimed painful medical ailments would make travel to Germany torturous.
Heavily Christian-oriented, the messages encourage bringing a degree of spirituality to one's office to decrease anxiety and potential violence, while making work seem less torturous that one would assume.
But any other time or place, these tales will make the perfectly torturous treat.
The torturous racket bracket - a wrist strap complete with metal plate and loop in which the base of the racket threads in to - has become my new best friend, and I have the fresh scars to prove it.
The 26-year-old midfielder is nearing the end of a torturous battle to regain his fitness after 15 nightmare months on the sidelines.
Flores' lifeless body finally came to rest near a sidewalk, a victim of what prosecutors say was torturous murder.
Based upon recent events stemming from Major League Baseball (MLB), Olympic Track and Field, and the torturous Tour de France, the bottom line is easily discernable: We are facing a formidable PED upswing with a stout contingent of athletes from all sports who are being mentored and advised by astute associates who search feverishly for testing loopholes.