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The Andante is blissfully serene, the Finale torturously determined.
Roasting for a retailer turns a retail shop from the final distribution point in what can be a torturously complex supply chain to a vertically integrated, just in time manufacturer of their own branded product.
Although he believes that Barak's offer was by no means a good deal for them--borders of the new nation of Palestine would be torturously drawn around Jewish settlements, connected by highways and checkpoints all patrolled by Israelis--Cramer hammers Yasser Ararat for his ineffectiveness.
An overlong and often torturously written chapter on ceramic technical analysis by M.
All alone and isolated in this remote fjord and kept away from the human contact he was accustomed to while in captivity, it is no surprise that this torturously slow death occurred.
And the torturously misguided Gynecia awakens to her responsibilities as wife and mother only when she openly defies the code.
But once again I'm distracted by the impossible beauty of this torturously twisting, narrow road that runs 44 miles from Paia to Hana.
This will give us a huge advantage over Barajas, where current road links can be torturously slow, particularly in the rush hour," Cano points out.
He rationalized that even a victorious Germany would have to defer to Japan in Asia, and torturously praised Hitler as "the greatest figure of the Twentieth Century," not because "might makes right or .
Consumers were saved from the brink of torturously high VoD costs, in part due to the boom in popularity of video-rental chains.
Most were Mediterranean Revival, and many of those have been torn down or torturously revamped beyond their pleasant original proportions and appearance, but others remain as models of the genre.
But where was David Davies, spin doctor turned chief executive, while Wilkinson was playing a surreal game of 20 questions with a media pack led torturously down a blind alley?