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If, as another critic of Duras suggests, the "esthetic relationship is a variant of love" (Ladimer 2009, 115), then it could be said that Duras' torturously evasive prose contains the kind of violence that is inflicted by lovers on each other in order to sustain the intensity of desire.
The team leader, who had ambled back to the stage by now, bega fidgeting at the health presentation proceeded at a torturously slow pace.
The upshot of the argument--nearly each step of which unfolded amidst torturously complex interpretive disputes--received further support from consideration of how the Hebrews treated the Gentiles living among them.
Or does the new administration think the old, torturously slow procedure is preferable by which it may take seven long years for a decision to be made?
87) The Royal Commission had left a legacy of torturously extended, investigative and performance management processes--for DoCS, Health workers, Teachers and NSW Police.
This can seem to be a daunting task, especially since the current act (like many of its predecessors) is lengthy and torturously complex.
The litigation and political struggle surrounding the building of the dam is torturously complex.
With countless other Monirs and Omars stuck on this stretch of highway, and more joining the torturously slow-moving line by the minute, how long before the effects of the new regulations on the border will severely impact the GCC's economy?
It is undisputed that if the risk presented by the three-drug protocol materializes, the inmate will suffer a torturously excruciating death, the type explicitly outlawed by the Eighth Amendment.
But as newly established courts have assumed powers over conversion; as the aguna problem remains torturously unsolved; as rabbis are told to submit to higher authorities; as powerful figures dig in their heels to keep tolerance, common sense, and balance from prevailing in the Orthodox world, we aren't laughing.
Photos showed him meeting with politicians and religious representatives from every side of the torturously complicated Civil War.
But what Tetsuo must experience before he can shed his bodily form represents a torturously physical manifestation of jouissance.