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Indiana, wherein the court ruled that homeowners do not have the right to resist police officers who illegally enter their homes, is unconstitutional, and the judges responsible should be impeached and tossed off the bench for willful misconduct; and they should be charged with treason ("Indiana Supreme Court Says Citizens Can't Resist Rogue Police," June 6 issue).
Small rocks get tossed off the front roadside tire and hit the fan blades that cool off the condenser coil unit.
He deftly tossed off the staccato 16ths (only a couple of stumbles along the way) and even suggested Haydn's sly humor in his exploration of what the new keyed trumpet could do with the traditional fanfare limitations of the prior trumpet.
He said two were tossed off the boat when it was hit by huge waves.
Horse girls tend to be more lipstick than butch, but it takes a pretty tough woman to get tossed off only to hop back on.
As an immigrant is found consensually sleeping with one of the hometown girls he is tossed off a bridge to drown--but his father saves him, only to hung up a few days later himself.
In one ward, two candidates convicted in a bribery scandal were tossed off the ballot last week because they are felons, while two former alderman convicted in the same scandal have not been prevented from running in two other wards.
One point from 18, a Cup exit against a spirited lower-league club was really only the final nail in an aspiration coffin being tossed off the gang-plank arresting Operation Sinking Ship.
Clearly tossed off as a lark by a prolific author, the play's take on contemporary life as farce comes off as zany but obvious.
In its tenderness, and in the distinct character of its narrator, this story feels more like Hempel's earlier work, complete with joyously tossed off one-liners.
Hart does a good job of illuminating the harsh living conditions of the black Union soldiers and the families they left behind, many of whom were tossed off slave plantations after the men joined the army.
In a balletic equivalent of chest pounding, all eight men tossed off triple tours en l'air in unison before racing into homage-to-Balanchine moments.