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They bellowed and pawed up the soft earth with their hoofs, rolling their eyes and tossing their heads.
cried Rebecca, tossing back her dark braids delightedly and waving her hand.
cried she, tossing her head with all its curls, as she moved to the piano.
said Magdalen, tearing the letter into fragments, and tossing them over the heads of the company.
They found it surging and tossing, in quest of Defarge himself.
I began to say that I hoped I was not interrupting - when the clerk shoved this gentleman out with as little ceremony as I ever saw used, and tossing his fur cap out after him, left me alone.
Somewhere too SHE, the Golden One, the White Woman, was drowsily tossing the night-clothes from her limbs and rubbing her sleepy eyes.
As I continued to thread the tall woods, I could hear from far before me not only the continuous thunder of the surf, but a certain tossing of foliage and grinding of boughs which showed me the sea breeze had set in higher than usual.
At night, as the trapper lay tossing on his pallet, a soft voice whispered at the door of his lodge.
The interval, with the exception of the last few months, has been chiefly spent by the author tossing about on the wide ocean.
And with several texts of Scripture, misquoted or misapplied, and religious exclamations so redolent of the ludicrous in the style of delivery and manner of bringing in, if not in the expressions themselves, that I decline repeating them, she withdrew; tossing her large head in high good-humour--with herself at least--and left me hoping that, after all, she was rather weak than wicked.
But the dark patch was not stationary, it kept moving; and it was not a village but some tall stalks of wormwood sticking up through the snow on the boundary between two fields, and desperately tossing about under the pressure of the wind which beat it all to one side and whistled through it.