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In the days preceding, he gave a series of speeches across America that existentially questioned his own fitness for higher office, while still tossing off backbone-stiffening zingers like, "Evil must be confronted in its womb and, if it can't be done otherwise, then it has to be dealt with by the use of force.
From her works, I distilled what she might have called "Aunt Jean's Blueprint for Happiness": Find a nice, literate husband, buy a tumbledown Victorian house, fill it with clever, mischievous children and big slobbery dogs with whimsical names, and spend your leisure moments tossing off witty little essays on the hilarious vicissitudes of domestic life.
Lucy is drawn as a caustic kitty, for ever rolling her big yellow eyes and tossing off asides about her "two Big Guys," who in real life have been a couple for 26 years.
He was quickly becoming a Global-trash court painter tossing off mural after mural while press-agented cameras clicked and tourists gawked.
The trailers, each 30 to 40 seconds long, feature absurd characters tossing off the shackles of "The Man" and striking out on their own.
Ana Lucrecia Garcia was a passionate Odabella, the Venezuelan sopranos large-but-agile voice tossing off its plethora of notes with consummate ease while making the most of her few tender moments.
isn't above tossing off a memorable quip as she shoulders her 2-foot wrap (Trish Rigdon's costumes are splendid) and heads for the exit.
Confidently tossing off the range of moves--and her partner, the accomplished Nathan Shaw--drop-dead gorgeous Jill Patterson became the obvious choice for DANCE MAGAZINE'S award for outstanding student performer.
The problem isn't that Saddam will just start tossing off nukes for the hell of it.