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isn't above tossing off a memorable quip as she shoulders her 2-foot wrap (Trish Rigdon's costumes are splendid) and heads for the exit.
Confidently tossing off the range of moves--and her partner, the accomplished Nathan Shaw--drop-dead gorgeous Jill Patterson became the obvious choice for DANCE MAGAZINE'S award for outstanding student performer.
The problem isn't that Saddam will just start tossing off nukes for the hell of it.
Rapper Deeder flails around, tossing off rhythmically informed verbiage, guitarist Chandrasonic howling over the lunging bass of Dr Das.
Tossing off a 1978 show of Etienne Jules Marey's chronophotography, Clair further defined his orientation with "Realismes entre Revolution et Reaction: 1919-1939," 1980, an underscoring of figurative currents stemming from the Italy and Germany of the period.
The trailers, each 30- to 40-seconds long, will screen before every movie at the festival and feature absurd characters tossing off the shackles of "The Man" and striking out on their own.
Tossing off a few brisk, sharply chiseled reels before settling into an increasingly bleak cycle of poverty and misfortune, tiffs well-acted item essentially boils down to a Euro-Canadian "Pursuit of Happyness" with a steelier, less sentimental edge.
Pamela Armstrong was a phenomenal Elvira, tossing off roulades, delicious trills and excitingly well-placed high notes, while retaining necessary tenderness.
He said he felt ``great'' Sunday and will resume tossing off a mound as soon as today.
Perhaps the most long-limbed men in classical ballet, the Cubans have feet as beautifully articulate as the women's, and watching them effortlessly tossing off the few tours de force in the first act's harvest celebration, it's clear they're capable of much more.
The shifts between talk and music, shifts that given the band's precision timing you don't have to notice, merely take a conversation to another level; the burr in Love's voice is the same whether she's insulting someone, negotiating the careful steps of her time-stopping "Asking for It," or tossing off half of "Hungry like the Wolf.