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1]/FVC ratio and lower total lung capacity in COPD patients without diagnosed OSA could serve as a signal to clinicians to evaluate a patient for OSA, the researchers noted.
Pulmonary Functions: Mean values of total lung capacity (TLC), forced vital capacity (FVC) forced residual capacity (FRC), residual volume (RV) and RV/ TLC were normal or near normal (Table I).
Isawa T, Teshima T, Anazawa Y, Miki M, Soni PS (1994) Technegas versus krypton-81m gas as an inhalation agent: comparison on pulmonary distribution at total lung capacity.
This ventilation pattern caused inspiration from FRC to 75-80% of total lung capacity of the rat; therefore, animals were slightly hyperventilated and did not breathe spontaneously but followed the computer-controlled breathing pattern.

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