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Effects of ethanol, molasses and lactobacillus plantarum on the fermentation quality, in vitro digestibility and aerobic stability of total mixed ration silages in the tibetan plateau of china.
Growing lambs, Metabolic profile, Performance, Rumen characteristics, Total mixed rations.
The effect of preservatives based on propionic acid on the fermentation and aerobic stability of corn silage and a total mixed ration.
The effect of fibrolytic enzymes sprayed onto forages and fed in a total mixed ration to lactating dairy cows.
Feeding behavior and ruminal pH of corn silage, barley grain, and corn dried distillers' grain offered in a total mixed ration or in a free-choice diet to beef cattle.
Eragrostis curvula maize stover and formulated total mixed ration (TMR) were used as test feeds.
Milk production, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in lactating cows fed total mixed ration silages containing steam-flaked brown rice as substitute for steam-flaked corn, and wet food by-products.
Refusal feed was weighed and wasted before offering fresh weighed total mixed rations.
Effects of adding food by-products mainly including noodle waste to total mixed ration silage on its feed characteristics, and growing performance, blood metabolite concentrations and ruminal fermentation in Japanese Black fattening heifers.
They would be fed a total mixed ration, comprising mainly grass and maize silage, and 3kg of concentrate feed a day during milking.
In recent years, total mixed ration (TMR) silage has been widely applied to feeding dairy cows.
The nutritional requirements of these animals were met through a total mixed ration with different densities of energy.

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