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adjective absolute, aggregate, all, complete, downright, entire, full, global, gross, inclusive, integral, omnis, outright, radical, thorough, thoroughgoing, undivided, universal, universus, unqualified, utter, whole, with no exception, without omission
See also: absolute, aggregate, amount, categorical, collective, complete, comprehensive, comprise, computation, corpus, detailed, entirety, extreme, face amount, face value, full, in solido, inclusive, maximum, outright, peremptory, plenary, poll, price, pure, quantity, radical, stark, sum, survey, thorough, unlimited, unqualified, whole

TOTAL. Complete; containing the whole; as the total amount of an account is all the items of such account added together; total incapacity, is an absolute and complete incapacity to do a thing. A married woman is totally incapable to make a contract, because, although having intelligence, she has not legal capacity and an idiot is totally incapable to enter into a contract, because he has no will.

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There are 1,953 total UPS drivers in Massachusetts.
UPS plans to hire an additional 250 employees, bringing total UPS employment at the airport to 650.

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