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Reducing minimum total ventilation rates (ECM B) holds the highest opportunity for saving energy and maintaining IAQ.
For the simulations here, the total ventilation was calculated based on weather conditions and leakage as described above.
As noted earlier, two key factors are source strength and total ventilation, but other subtle factors that can contribute to air quality are the allocation of mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation, and infiltration; the distribution of contaminant sources around the building; the variation in occupancy pattern; and the type of ventilation system.
Patients were maintained in the "respiratory zone of comfort" for 95% and 75% of the total ventilation time in both weanable patients and non-weanable patients, the classification of which was correctly distinguished by the test program.
However, the larger question is whether the CFD simulation using fluctuating boundary conditions can provide a satisfactory result predicting the total ventilation flow rate.
However, we are seeking to define metrics associated with the distribution system rather than the contaminant source or the total ventilation rate.