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Totalitarian leaders, such as those in Syria, rely on coercion, terror and violence to rule, and demand from their citizens absolute uniformity, orthodoxy and obedience.
Disillusioned by the totalitarian regime, Finch allows Evey to send the train.
The European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism also known as the is observed on August 23 and was was designated by the European Parliament in 2008/2009 as "a Europe-wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, to be commemorated with dignity and impartiality.
1] In his speculative novel Brave New World (1932), and a preface to it, Brave New World Re-visited (written after World War II), Aldous Huxley sketched out a possible future society that would be mostly non-coercive, but at the same time embrace a thoroughgoing, totalitarian exclusion of traditional notions of religion, history, and family.
And even if we haven't got a totalitarian government, we have become a nation enslaved by the corporate invasion of our sports.
Calvo OspinaCOs study highlights the central role of the Colombian ruling class as well as the US military in the growth of the totalitarian terrorist state.
To counter these totalitarian terrorists, Giuliani proposes total democracy: "America has a clear interest in helping to establish good governance throughout the world .
Writing for the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Irving Louis Horowitz, the Hannah Arendt Professor Emeritus of Social and Political Science, maintains that a revived Fidel Castro has seized on the bio-fuels issue as a weapon to attack the United States and globalization, split the West, and form a new global alliance of totalitarian ideologues.
In its fight against the remnants of the totalitarian system, the state must respect the principles of the rule of law, otherwise this country is no better than a totalitarian regime," declared Chief Justice Jerzy Stepien.
For the state to suggest that some knowledge should be privileged over other knowledge is a bit totalitarian in a 21st century environment," he said.
Meanwhile, "countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil have posted equal gains in literacy without resorting to totalitarian governments.
I am persuaded," he writes, "that the totalitarian global agenda that the UN seeks to advance is inherently evil.