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Although the point was not expressed formally, the theory of totalitarianism was developed at least in part as a political answer to the conservative Republicans of the 1930s and then to Friedrich Hayek in 1944.
At the Mauthausen Memorial the ceremony included a concert by musicians of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the "Camerata Silesia" choir from Katowice, which was organized by the Polish Institute in Vienna and the Witold Pilecki Centre for Research on Totalitarianism.
Arendt coined the term "banality of evil," a construct that makes culpable those who use sentimentality, the fear of authority and life's preoccupations and burdens as a defence for inaction against totalitarianism.
The political bomb that was set off last week under the pretext of "ending totalitarianism and the new balance" might take the Kurdistan Region towards another round of troubles and political issues, aiming at creating a complex political arena and political compliment against the court, and delaying the trial of Nawshirwan Mustafa who's been accused of exciting carrying out attacks on consulates, targeting pipelines in Kurdistan Region.
But Junger distanced himself from Hitler and the Nazis early on, realizing that the political Right and Left differed little; both led to totalitarianism.
The emergence of Zhelev's interpretation of "fascism" as a variety of totalitarianism appears to have been part of a time-bound and generational phenomenon.
It accuses academic and "software elites" (many of whom he names) of imposing an Orwellian totalitarianism on not only the scientific computer software community, but also upon those who use its products.
His analysis of Arendt's contributions is presented in chapters that examine categories of labor, work, and action; Arendt's theory of action and power; the critique of Marx; the distinction between the social and the political; the nature of totalitarianism; and the relevance of moral and political responsibility in her work on totalitarianism and the construction of a theory of principled judgment.
No one in his right mind would call President Assad anything other than wicked, but to arm the Syrian Free Army is nothing short of lunacy, unless of course your aim is to ensure the total annihilation of a free society in the region and replace it with Islamic totalitarianism and its inevitable consequences.
Chapters three through seven offer discussions of particular works, interlaced with examinations of what kind of thinker Arendt was: chapter three explains and defends The Origins of Totalitarianism as well as Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (for which choice of subtitle Arendt has been excoriated); chapter four examines On Revolution, and chapter six discusses The Life of the Mind; chapters five and seven present arguments for why Arendt is properly understood as a political philosopher.
Islamism is the totalitarianism of religions and globalization is the totalitarianism of trade," Le Pen, who won almost 18 percent of the first round vote, said at a news conference this week.
What we are threatened with -- and this is a very serious threat if we are concerned with that future of mankind -- is a new kind of totalitarianism.