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Importantly, Bernard Shaw and Totalitarianism casts Shaw as a Utopian writer, situating him within a long tradition anchored by Plato, Francis Bacon, and Thomas More and in dialogue with his socialist contemporaries Edward Bellamy, William Morris, and H.
To Junger the problem of totalitarianism went beyond the physical violence inflicted by the tyrannical state--it was metaphysical.
The Associated Press engages in censorship and heavy bias to conceal the problems caused by the Political Correctness totalitarianism rampant in America today, including the deaths of thousands of Americans each year at the hands of illegal immigrants," said William Gheen.
In an echo of Keen's totalitarianism warnings, all attendees wore white t-shirts and caps, like a media and marketing army.
In 1951, Arendt wrote a book, The Origins of Totalitarianism, which has since become a classic, exploring the 20th-century phenomenon of totalitarianism.
or submerged in The Origins of Totalitarianism because the book is
Toshev was adamant the communist regime in Bulgaria is a prime example of totalitarianism and everyone should be aware of the atrocities committed by it and in the name of it while anyone who claims to be a democrat must condemn all forms of totalitarianism.
Yet it is no less socialistic than the old Soviet Union, and, if allowed to continue, will eventually metastasize into full-blown totalitarianism on both sides of the former Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain.
Addressing a rally here on Saturday, Koirala said that Prime Minister and Maoist chairman Prachanda was veering towards totalitarianism by speaking against democracy.
Wolin's Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism (Princeton University Press).
The day the police are considered to be separate from the rest of the civil community is the day we embark upon the road to totalitarianism and dictatorship.
Its goal is to understand the logic of a kind of pseudo engagement and reflect on the implications of work such as this for understanding totalitarianism and our culture of learning in general.