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The same considerations apply to immigrants, as well, as long as they emigrate from countries with totalization agreements.
So, after interchanging the totalization with the homotopy limit, we are now taking homotopy limits in the vertical direction first, then the totalization of the resulting cosimplicial space second.
These spectral incarnations of Nabokov, dissolved in a "velvety sinter" (161) of particles only a step away from complete invisibility, take their place among the many other provisional versions of him that the text supplies, but importantly, they are deprived of any ultimate prospect of totalization or synthesis.
If it is a social security tax, Americans living in countries that have social security totalization agreements (SSTAs) with the United States may be exempt.
My paper tries to sketch this continuity by assessing the pervasiveness and the importance of the two poles of what Foucault himself, in a Kantian fashion, called a critique of political reason: individualization and totalization.
The belt feeder can provide either a "closed loop" gravimetric control of material feed rate or an "open loop" control for precise convey rate output and totalization of an uncontrolled or intermittent material supply.
The two ministers assessed the entire gamut of bilateral trade and commercial linkages, including the forthcoming Ministerial Trade Policy Forum, GSP Extension and bilateral Totalization Agreement," the Commerce and Industry Ministry said in a statement today.
Complex totalization functions that are standard, including parallel operation of positive, negative, and net flow totalizers.
The problem of the Book of Job is that of modernity--of the alternative between the totalization of the rule of technology and science over the world, and the liberation of a new subjectivity.
Critic al-Ma'addawi, the "radical" of committed literature, felt that the novel reached new heights of realism in its depictions of Cairo life (al-Ma'addawi, "Bidaya" 757-59), while the founding critic of the "purposeful literature" (al-adab al-hadif) school of committed writing, Mahmud Amin al-'Alim, praised this "most mature" of Mahfouz's novels for its achievements in synchronizing the particular with the general, and the individual with the social dimensions--the very kind of totalization which Lukacs demanded from realist writing (46-48, 50-52, 56).
This is another way of saying that the convoluted Crying of Lot 49 resists totalization.
Yet modernity and modernism have also been associated with fixed form, hierarchy, totalization, and grand narrative, and Heyer-Caput concludes that the meaning of these terms can be produced "only liminally and between margin and centre, hypotaxis and parataxis, and text and intertext" (7).