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IT ALL ADDS UP Totalize looks an ideal type for the Betfair Hurdle
If we admit to ourselves that what Milosevic is guilty of is letting loose a war-machine in an attempt to totalize state security against a putative threat of terrorism, then Henry Kissinger, Ariel Sharon, George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W.
The only way potentially to enhance totalizing control is to totalize the freedom of 'us, the good guys' and to objectify the others as abstract strangers and a potential threat.
Totalize won a 10-furlong handicap in heavy ground at Pontefract in October, before running sixth in a big one at Leopardstown last time out, and he'll be well suited by conditions this afternoon.
Totalize had the misfortune to come across subsequent Grade One Finale Hurdle winner Ruacana on his jumps debut for Brian Ellison.
Yves Klein and Piero Manzoni have been haunted by this question - [Manzoni] with his pedestal for the world and [Klein] with his Cosmologies - both attempted to totalize [everything].
Post-Modernity, then, is a kind of blockage of our political imaginary, the impossibility of conceiving alternatives to the present because we cannot even represent, totalize, it.
Obviously, the guardsman she quotes is an anti-Arab racist, given that he totalizes Iraqis as backward, petulant, ungrateful and ignorant.