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0 inches with a single instrument and provides three unique outputs of the mass flow rate, totalized flow and media temperature.
The interarticulation of vernacular African American culture and language among the "high" arts of concert music, then, does not look so much like an outgrowth of a colorblind, totalized, postmodern condition as has been portrayed in works like Ronald Radano's New Musical Figurations: Anthony Braxton's Cultural Critique (1993) but instead reveals complex negotiations across the persisting cultural color line that exclusively inscribes "jazz" upon composers and forces them away from the kinds of intertextual (intermusical) projects they envision.
Mass flow rate and totalized flow, as well as other configuration variables, are displayed on the meter's 2" x 12" back-lit LCD panel.
CentriFlow[TM] mass flow meter continuously and precisely measures the weight of flowable bulk solids products, such as snack food, vegetables cereal, and pet food, and reports flow rate or totalized data to a plant control system.