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Dryden Geary, Tote Ireland marketing manager, said: "We are delighted to launch our mobile app, providing our customers with access to Totepools in Ireland and in Britain.
THE coalition government is equally determined to sever ties with the Tote and has launched yet another valuation exercise, preparatory to an "open market process".
The intervention of the OFT reduced the lifespan of the Tote's pool betting monopoly and the European Commission's indication that selling the Tote at a price below its full market value would constitute illegal state aid undermined the proposed sale to racing.
We reminded him that the Tote was set up for the benefit of racing - so we ought to have representation.
But the Government is now in a bit of a flap over exactly what to do with the Tote.
I met Gerry Sutcliffe in July, and at that point our offer was for Cenkos, with racing included, to float the Tote in its entirety on the stock exchange in the form of an accelerated IPO Initial Public Offering," said Stewart.
In similar vein, owners' chief and Horsemen's Group chairman Dixon, who argued that Findlay should be among those called on by the Tote for advice, insisted that it would be simple to have pounds 1 million pools every day and urged the Tote to support his desire for racing to be granted two seats on its board.
BHA chief executive Nic Coward yesterday looked forward to forging closer links between racing and the Tote, following the government's decision to shelve its sale.
THE government's decision to retain the Tote in "the medium term" means that its future will not be settled until after the next general election, and probably well after.