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Having twice inquired, a month apart, why there are no Tote dividends - "Can you please explain why Betfred, owner of the Tote, refuse to display any Tote dividends on the results screens?
TOTE maintains a long and continuing relationship with the military.
Consider a themed Artwork Tote package featuring a photo of mom and child playing at the beach.
Slip into the tote through the opening in the lining.
The Tote's sponsorship on the Flat features the Tote Chester Cup, Tote Silver Bowl at Haydock, Tote Scoop6 Handicap at Sandown, Tote International Handicap at Ascot and Tote Gold Trophy at Glorious Goodwood, those being only some of the major races supported before the end of July.
The tote has been in stores since 1986 when Rubbermaid shipped its first 18-gallon rough tote.
was formed in 1987 and the Healthy Back Bag(R) tote was issued US Patent # D363599 in 1995.
What last week showed was not a shortage of willingness to adapt - Tote Ireland is full of dedicated employees who do their best in trying times - but a lack of agility in a betting environment where all of its competitors in the conventional world of bookmaking can adapt almost instantaneously.
The Space-Saver Tote is a revolutionary new vacuum-seal storage system that combines two components to achieve its effectiveness.
The war is over and women are excited about fancy clothes again, so they need purses to go with each outfit, and they copy what their favorite movie stars are wearing, whether it's a clear plastic box with handles, a straw tote, or Coco Chanel's famous quilted shoulder bag that remains a fashion favorite.
Equally interesting is the Hemingway plant's automated product-handling system, which directs a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that carry totes full of parts to an elaborate automated warehouse.
maker of the world's best-selling notebook cases and accessories, introduces the ladies Radiance Tote - a sleek option for women looking for notebook protection while traveling to work or between meetings.