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It could thus be taken as a contract of society, this organic division of totemic labors.
Barcelona's determination as a city to express its resurgence and release from the Franco regime, and winning the right to stage the Games in 1992 being integral to this, is now totemic.
The FT quoted an official as saying: "It is totemic move but it is in line with our overall policy.
It has become customary for Hollywood to extend the totemic power of film characters to various objects, from soft drink cups to kids' backpacks, giving those goods a patina of added value.
The rush seems full of ritualistic purpose, and stationary figures loom with totemic magic.
Merlan showed how knowledge of the routes along which totemic ancestors travelled, and the different styles used to depict ancestors or everyday events, are relied upon to negotiate the most plausible reading of unfamiliar sites.
Situational ethics," the eighth cardinal sin, a phrase invoked with totemic qualities to condemn us waffling Catholics tempted by uncertainty and questions of individual conscience.
Massive totemic columns brood at each doorway--but Balbes has balanced the architectural drama with such comfy high-end contemporary elements as trader-counter refrigerators and a steam shower.
His proposals and studies for Olympia reveal a tendency toward the totemic rather than the organic.
Elders who have memorized the numerous totemic emblems hold great prestige and power within the village.
I would like to point out a big mistake in the caption below the picture of the totemic poles on page 7 of your August issue.
On the September night that Denmark shocked the European Union establishment to the core by voting against membership in the euro-zone--but far more pertinently against the entire process of European political integration--a commentator from German radio was interviewed, a grainy photograph of Berlin's totemic Brandenburg Gate behind him.