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Totemism and the transmission of human pentastomiasis.
Lang's work on totemism has been published posthumously by Duff-Cooper 1995.
77) Claude Levi-Strauss, Totemism (Boston: Beacon Press, 1963), p.
Levi-Strauss's slim volume Totemism (1962) established structural anthropology as a science, publicly demonstrating the structural character of mythical thought and its capacity to account for complex systems of transformation.
They thus created out of their filial sense of guilt the two fundamental taboos of totemism, which for that very reason inevitably corresponded to the two repressed wishes of the Oedipus complex.
In the present instance I want to draw on a brilliant series of essays on animism and totemism by anthropologist Tim Ingold, who considers definitions of aliveness available within Western intellectual history by tracing relationships among many beings in animic cultures, among them Lapp caribou herders and the Ojibwa of Canada.
In anthropological and psychoanalytic theories of the incest aversion derived from the principle of totemism, rituals of blood naturalize gender differences and the fear of illicit contact with the feminine becomes the source of the kinship taboo.
This freedom from his own cultural conditionings provided him an opportunity to grasp the most authentic explanations for primitive social organizations, such as totemism, before a list of social scientists dealing with primitive institutions.
In their study of the possible religious significance of Paleolithic cave paintings, Jean Clottes and David Lewis-Williams critique earlier efforts to understand ur-religion as sympathetic magic, totemism, structuralism, and shamanism, and opt for the last, emphasizing that the significance of the cave art is not the art itself, but the act of producing it.
Symbolic reasoning is not confined to mathematics and the written word, but has often found expression in totemism and other seemingly irrational beliefs.
Indeed, in Moses and Monotheism he claimed that Moses, too, had been murdered and Judaism was its own form of totemism.