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Totter said the program is federally funded and the district could have extra help for 20 hours a week.
When different quantities are placed on the two sides of the Teeter Totter, the relationship between them is shown by whether the Teeter Totter balances.
The fluffy fledglings totter along behind their boldly marked black and white parents who make sure they don't wander too close to the sea.
CAERSWS defender Colin Reynolds (left) is set to win the totter for the honour of becoming the Welsh Premier's most experienced defender.
Once you land, it's non-stop action all the way - and the guarantee that you totter home fairly exhausted.
It was me in dressing gown and slippers tottering downstairs in the morning to feed my cat -- unable to totter, I might add, without the assistance of walls and furniture to keep me upright.
THE last time I saw Paul Gascoigne he was trying to totter to his feet after the mildest of training sessions with his new China teammates.
The magic of the movies enraptured me as a child, and as I totter into antiquity, movie magic enchants me still.
95; Regan Books/HarperCollins), film historian Eddie Muller tells the stories of six alluring noir ladies - Audrey Totter, Marie Windsor, Jane Greer, Evelyn Keyes, Coleen Gray and Ann Savage - the faces behind the black veil.
What, you expected him to abandon his players now as they totter between sublimity and summer?
enough's enough and she eases her heels off in a car Picture: GREG BRENNAN; MONDAY Gwyn totters in platforms; WEDNESDAY She sways in stilettos; THURSDAY She towers in more spikes; Sole mates.