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So now what started off as a walk of sheer pleasure has now morphed into a tottering unsteady wobble, and a realisation of what that the ladies who wear high heels have to endure, out of sheer vanity and conforming to stereotypes, the ludicrous fashion must have, high heels.
Mohit Sharma also joined the party to increase Royals woes, dismissing Sanju Samson to leave Rajasthan tottering at 19/3 in 4.
The little girl, who recently celebrated her first birthday, was seen tottering along next to her famous mother, who held her daughter as she set off at speed along the marbled floor inside the Brown Thomas department store in Grafton Street, the Daily Mail reported.
American author Lauren Weisberger has given fashion a new look, one that conjures up images of depraved, half starved women tottering around in killer heels.
The tottering Austro-Hungarian Empire worries about anybody who captures its subjects' imaginations.
Yet it has familiar urban problems--overcrowding, pollution, rotting heritage, tottering transport, suburban sprawl.
Debra, 33, is usually seen tottering around the Street in skin-tight jeans and stilettos.
Unbeaten in the Premier League they will line up against Tottering Hotspur who have the worst recent form of any side in the top flight.
Officers were called to Park Avenue last night after the unnamed 46-year-old was spotted tottering at the edge of the roof and throwing tiles at passers-by.
The CFR Clintonites gave the tottering regime billions of dollars in food aid, oil, and light water nuclear reactors--for the promise that its ruling thugs would reform and become Boy Scouts.
Goldberg fails in her attempt to become the female equivalent of Eddie Murphy in Beverley Hills Cop, and it's only really momentarily funny when you see her tottering about Los Angeles in an ill-advised prostitute disguise.