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And Haven took the lead for the first time in the game soon after, as Parker broke the line down the left flank before switching the ball inside for Cain Southernwood to touch down.
A senior Air India commander pointed out that the safe touch down zone on the runway is around 1,000 ft.
The Jonas Brothers say they can not wait to touch down in the UK.
If you fly in, it's best to touch down in Salmon, Idaho, and either get dropped off or park your plane.
The quality of the touch down and sprint off the hurdle is dictated by the effectiveness and efficiency of the trail leg's backward swing.
In the meantime, Mars Global Surveyor has visually scanned the region near the south pole where the lander was expected to touch down.
Five minutes of the first half remained when Pringle managed to break the home defence with a side-step and won the race to the corner to touch down for his second try of the match.
Ryan Parkinson touched down from close range for his first of the day straight from the kick-off but Christian Jones reduced the deficit as he benefited from some excellent forward play to touch down for Caldy.
An early second half penalty allowed Chapman to restore Nuneaton's lead, but shortly thereafter the Ionians' forwards punched through the defence before feeding the ball wide for Gary Stephenson to touch down, Boyd missing the conversion.
The visitors were allowed to score a try from a blatant knock-on not spotted by the referee and the Blues missed a touch down opportunity when centre Vinnie Dutton dropped the ball over the line.
The A380 will not touch down at any of the locations but will perform what is known as an approach-and-go manoeuvre in which the aircraft will come in as if landing, but depart before touching down.
They managed to ruck the ball clear to the back line where Daniels took the crash ball but cleverly offloaded to his full back, David Wardell who beat the remaining tacklers at pace to touch down close to the posts.