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It concluded that the blessing of same-sex relationships is a matter of doctrine, since it touches upon marriage, but not core doctrine such as the concept of the trinity.
Among the various topics Pearce touches upon in Literary Giants are the lives and works of the "Chesterbelloc" (i.
Each brief, free-verse poem touches upon the common elements that bind humans together as surely as the uniqueness that sets individuals apart.
The L Word has lost my support for this season for exactly the reasons that Weinstock touches upon in her essay.
In his novel he touches upon many problems: love, mystery, perfidy, adventures.
The brief final chapter touches upon the recurrent theme of Irish status in debates of child murder.
Longmore also touches upon others, such as the eugenics model, the "sin and evil" model grounded in the Bible, the deficit model which is an early iteration of the medical model, the oppression model, and the social construct model.