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No wonder we've been labelled the touchiest people on earth.
Inspector Knacker of North Wales Police has become involved and now national newspapers are asking whether we are the touchiest nation in the world.
Pre-marital money talk can lead to greater intimacy as couples dare to confront the single touchiest issue in a relationship.
This is one of the touchiest issues in the section funding debate, and the Budget Committee proposed a change that it said would actually boost section income.
When US occupation forces will leave Iraq is one of the touchiest political issues.
Perhaps the touchiest single issue for both exemplars and critics of the ethical turn is the issue of whether it boils down, whatever the nominal agenda, to a privatization of human relations that makes the social and the political secondary.
Gupta remembers a dispute over the touchiest of subjects: How they should compensate each other.
Chapter 12 on "Gender" covers one of the touchiest subjects (pp.
Now, at age thirty-seven, comfortably housed in an Upper East Side apartment that she shares with her Lebanese-born husband, Emile Mourad, and their dog, Spock, she is open to discussion about that touchiest of subjects for a dancer, retirement: "If I were a painter I wouldn't quit.
Humor, as we've seen, is one of the touchiest cultural elements to translate across boundaries in print, online, or in person.
Rather, the touchiest part of the trip naturally occurs as the laden tanker navigates its way from the Valdez terminal to the open arms of Seal Rocks and the wide Gulf beyond.
The touchiest area concerns the treatment of ethnic minorities (especially gypsies).