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Blessed: A Quest For Atlantis In Egypt Leads To Apparitions Of The Virgin Mary by Carole Chapman is the inherently fascinating story one woman's exploration of the Egyptian landscape in attempt to confirm her memories of Atlantis but resulted instead with the unexpected but quite remarkable vision of the Virgin Mary, Blessed offers readers an assurance of the Virgin Mary's powerful ability to bring about peace, as well as touching upon the Copts (who are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians who were converted to Christianity in the first decades after the death and resurrection of the Christ), as well as the significance of certain artifacts left by ancient Mayans and paintings in the Pharaoh's tombs.
A blend of basic small business savvy and details particular to the bakery industry keeps this a narrowed, specific reference which stands out among the wealth of more general 'how to open a restaurant' guides, touching upon the specific needs and differences of the bakery industry.
Touching upon retail trends in New York for the coming year, he relayed how residential development has been the darling, with anything and everything under the sun being converted to residential with retail uses at the building's bases.
From the desert to the jungle, this book takes us on a visual journey around the globe, touching upon the peoples that inhabit these remote places.
Briefly touching upon many variants of Christianity from Catholicism to Pentecostalism to Mormonism, A Handbook of the Christian Faith is at heart a didactic and instructional text, enthusiastically recommended to anyone looking for a solid overview of what Christianity is all about.