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Recently, we have synthesized a series of PEEK oligomers having different pendent alkyl groups with the aim of using them as tougheners for epoxy resin.
The optimum compositions of BA-a/PU and BA-a/EPO732 alloys in terms of improved flexural strength and maintaining the high flexural modulus of the polybenzoxazine were in the range of 90/10 to 70/30 mass ratios, whereas those with enhanced toughness, as indicated by the area under the curves of flexural stress and flexural, strain were observed when the composition of both tougheners was less than 40 wt%.
If the masterbatch supplier knows upfront that toughness is going to be an issue, carrier resins can be formulated with additional tougheners to compensate for the loss.
A study using an epoxy resin has shown that among all the available rubber tougheners, preformed core-shell rubber (CSR) particles are most effective in toughening epoxy (23).
Like its predecessor, DuoMod ZT-2 is said to increase the fracture toughness and damage tolerance of VARTM composites, without the loss of laminate flexural and laminate properties common with conventional tougheners.
The venture, called AmeriHaas, will market tougheners, blending additives and flame retardants used in the manufacture of automotive parts, construction products, packaging, home appliances and electrical/electronic equipment, including business machines and computers.
Rohm and Haas has introduced a range of Paraloid EXL additives as tougheners in nylon, PC, polyesters, and blends.
The SMC formulation includes acrylic tougheners to improve paint performance.
DuoMod tougheners are said to provide increased toughness and improved damage tolerance in a range of applications.
Two tougheners, glass beads and carboxyl terminated butadiene acrylonitrile copolymer (CTBN), are used to toughen and stiffen an epoxy thermoset.
Paraloid 8887-XP has been developed to provide toughness in nylon without adding as much viscosity as other tougheners.
Paraloid EXL-3600 series MBS tougheners for engineering resins give superior low-temperature impact resistance.