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Of course, both sides will in the meantime compete toughly in promising big deals for the Ukrainians, particularly for tiding over their gigantic economic difficulties.
The Kings, however, played toughly and led 29-24 in the first quarter.
Putin: we will toughly and consistently continue to fight against terrorists until their total destruction.
That was so much fun until the end," he growled, toughly.
But there is no comparison between Assad and El-Sisi, who protected the Brotherhood for more than a year, and he had to deal with it toughly when the Egyptian street seethed in anger and threatened to confront the fascists.
If 40% of people are being sentenced, the point at issue is whether magistrates would always and everywhere sentence more toughly than the Crown courts do.
Or, the source added, if DOJ approval is not needed, the Fed might not even attempt to appeal such a toughly worded opinion.
In a toughly worded statement earlier this week, Al Sissi warned that a political dispute between Mursi, who hails from the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, and the secular-minded opposition, is jeopardising national security.
23, 2012, after a long, toughly fought battle with cancer.
OR TEXT the word SWSCOM3 followed by a space then your THIS year's Dove Men Series looks set to be another toughly fought competition for global rugby supremacy.
THIS year's Dove Men Series look set to be another toughly fought competition for global rugby supremacy.
The reigning sound of rap in Chicago--with toughly detached deliveries and muddy beats as big as the Sears Tower--bears little obvious resemblance to the sound of just a few years ago, in part because some of roday's crop didn't even graduate middle school until after Kanye West's Graduation dropped.