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He added: "The smart tourist guide Nahaam is a dedicated system displayed on board the Dubai Ferry screens showcasing tourist landmarks of the emirate on the line of the trip using a GPS based display, enriched with promotional information and materials," explained Al Ali.
He indicated that enrollment in the profession of tourist guides is only available to the Saudis, whether the applicant is employed or unemployed.
Over the past 10 years, Coleg Llandrillo Cymru has been leading the way in training professional tourist guides on a pan-Wales basis.
The Italian NGO Arci Cultura e Sviluppo (ARCS) represented by Gaia Vianello, the Lebanese NGO Mada and the president of the Federation of the Municipalities of Hermel, Hajj Moustapha Taha, presented the Tourist Guide of the qada of Hermel, as part of the project "Women and Nature between Hermel, Akkar and Nabatieh.
THE EUROPEAN Court of Justice (ECJ) has censured France for failing to remove obstacles to its recognition of legitimate tourist guide qualifications gained in other European Union (EU) member states.
Ideas needed Caroline Morris with some of the old tourism guides to Holmfirth VIEWS of Holmfirth are being sought to grace the cover of a new tourist guide.
The French groups want to pick flowers', says tourist guide Galina Gorchakova, 'until we warn them about the snakes', she adds.
Marios Vidal, a local tourist guide, says he has no inside information to help solve the landing-site mystery, but he does offer a theory about why Porto Seguro, a town located near the above-mentioned places and 700 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro, enjoys the official celebration in April of Brazil's 500th anniversary.
Residents of the nearby Sao Jorge village have demonstrated their commitment to making tourism a key element of their economic future by establishing the Chapada dos Veadeiros Tourist Guide Association.
Dubai: A smart tourist guide service on board the Dubai Ferry was recently launched by The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
The Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently launched a smart tourist guide service titled 'Nahaam'.
Contract awarded for Laguna Tour Package Brochure and Laguna Tourist Guide Brochure as Collateral Materials for the Promotion of the Province of Laguna-s Destinations and Attractions