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I liked the look at first, but I had to keep giving it a bit of a restyle during the day and by evening I was more messy than tousled.
uk, creates a tousled wave and its ceramic barrel is infused with argan oil for soft shiny hair.
Just look at the enduring popularity of Prince Harry, or indeed everyone's favourite vividly and richly tousled troubadour Ed Sheeran.
Control Twist is a versatile, high hold liquid wax that can be used on damp or dry hair as soft conditioning gel to create lasting, tousled waves or to create texture, separation and shine.
WHETHER it is back combed, teased, tousled, or tumbling round the shoulders in glossy waves, big hair is back.
In a figure-skimming LBD and with her blonde tresses gently tousled, the star looked back to her best.
Both young women sport tousled cropped blonde hairstyles in their Shoots.
Q: And Penelope's character is very much in the earth-mother tradition of the movies Sophia Loren made with Vittorio de Sica -- tousled hair, eyeliner, full-
The look for Spring/Summer 2006 is all about sexy, tousled hair.
In the overhead shot of a red carton of Borden milk on a blood red lacquered table, or the portrait of two beefy old men sprawled on a loud green sofa--even in the snap of a laughing blonde in a blue shirt, her hair tousled on yellow pillows--Shore's America is unhealthy and distant, as if a nicotine-stained plastic screen stood not only between the photographer and his world, but between every American thing and all its neighbors.