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Labour wants changes to the consumer rights bill to crack down on ticket touting.
Officers made a further 11 arrests on suspicion of ticket touting on Saturday, while two people were held in relation to the alleged theft of two Olympic Lane passes.
Ticketing issues are a potential risk for the Olympic Games; it's important we send out a strong message that touting and ticketing fraud will not be tolerated and that offenders can expect to be punished.
Ticket touting is nothing new, but as it takes on a 21st-century guise on the internet, more and more people seem to be taking part in it.
Maxse added: "We wouldn't want to go down the route of personalising every ticket, but we do support legislation that would outlaw ticket touting, for its own sake, and for the benefit of reducing the likelihood of forgeries.
This is an important change to avoid the situation where tickets are sold for some matches for which touting would only become illegal once the competing teams are known.
Liberal Democrat Culture and Sport spokesman Don Foster said: "Organised ticket touting is ruining the enjoyment of real fans, yet the Government is doing nothing.
Microsoft is touting several new features and improvements to its latest Office release, Microsoft Office XP professional.
The seriousness of the problem is reflected by the Delhi government's decision in 2010 to pass an ordinance -- Delhi Prevention of Touting and Malpractices against Tourists -- that gives the police powers to seek one- year jail term or slap ` 10,000 fine on touts caught harassing foreigners.
It is trying to disrupt and gather intelligence on touting gangs in preparation for the Olympic football matches at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.
Despite the recent launch of designated police hotline numbers allowing the public to report instances of touting, it seems as if there is no control over the situation.