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Stability is the quality we look for above all others in a tow car, and the Passat delivers.
Head judge, David Motton, Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor, said, 'The 1.
The Tow Car Awards is a joint venture between both outlets as well as Practical Caravan magazine.
The Tow Car Awards are a joint venture between Practical Caravan, What Car?
The new Mazda6 has received the 'Best Petrol Tow Car' at the Tow Car Awards 2013, held at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.
Tow Car Awards judged and presented by Practical Caravan magazine; What Car?
Responding to the trend of downsizing to smaller, greener or more economical cars and feedback from consumers wanting to tow trailers and horse boxes, a new Best Ultra-Light Tow Car award category was introduced this year and was won by the humble Kia Rio 1.
Choosing the right tow car and having a safe experience will go a long way to ensuring that your time with Mother Nature is enjoyable and relaxed, as well as safe and legal.
WORKHORSE, tow car, status symbol, people carrier or mud-plugger - few cars can claim to fulfil any of these duties with real conviction.
In order to achieve the optimum performance and safety levels, the lower this ratio is, the better the performance will be in terms of reasonable reserves of power for overtaking and hill climbing, as well as sufficient excess weight in the tow car for safer towing on fast motorway journeys.
DRIVE TALK Budget brands scoop Tow Car titles SO you think you need a lumbering, large, four-by-four for towing your caravan?
Results of the latest Tow Car Awards prove otherwise - in fact, the winners named this week show that some of Britain's best value family cars can more than hold their own with a caravan or trailer hitched-up behind them.