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System control was separated into three parts: TCM, for the control of the tow car movement, current meter Data-Acquisition Module (DAM) and a supervisory application.
Stability is the quality we look for above all others in a tow car, and the Passat delivers.
Head judge, David Motton, Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor, said, 'The 1.
Overall winner of the 2013 Tow Car of the Year award was the new Skoda Octavia family hatchback, while the humble Kia Rio 1.
The new Mazda6 has received the 'Best Petrol Tow Car' at the Tow Car Awards 2013, held at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.
Paul Jones, marketing and communications director of The Camping and Caravanning Club, says: "The results of the annual Tow Car Awards are eagerly awaited by our 500,000 members, and feedback from the grass roots of the club has been invaluable in continuing to improve the test programme.
4 CRDi as Best Ultra-Light Tow Car, the Mazda6 as Best Petrol Tow Car, the Passat Estate Sport 2.
As a back-up for handbrake use, it also underscores the big family car's advantages as a tow car - and, don't forget, the Caravan Club has made the Mondeo its Caravan Club awarding Ford Mondeo its 2008 Towcar of the Year.
It seems a strange reason to award the 2007 Tow Car of the Year title to Volvo's V50 D5 Sport.
The Tow Car Awards are organised by Practical Caravan, What Car?
Options include aluminium roof rails and panoramic glass sunroof while a trailer hitch turns the latest Touring into a tow car.
Choosing the right tow car and having a safe experience will go a long way to ensuring that your time with 'Mother Nature' is enjoyable and relaxed, as well as safe and legal.