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So when will he quit and surrender his attention to his toweringly lovely wife Slavica,his vast fortune, the luxury hotel he bought in Gstaad, Switzerland, his vast motor-yacht or to whizz around the world in either of his two private jets, one a 50-seater?
3- or 13-inch roll media for your sweepingly wide or toweringly tall stitch-jobs.
What's new is that, over the past two to four decades, media culture has grown to saturate our psychologies with the managed images and vivid, intimate detail of these toweringly famous, wealthy and beautiful people.
The 26-minute Sonata of 1920, arguably the Knest British piano sonata of that period, is given a toweringly powerful reading, with Bebbington racking up the tensions most persuasively, particularly in the emotionally wrought slow movement and atmospheric Finale (apparently inspired by a visit to the Chanctonbury Ring hilltop in Sussex.
Long one of Tarantino's icons - she twisted and overdosed to memorable effect in the classic ``Pulp Fiction'' - Thurman, now 33, trained for more than three months (directly following the birth of her second child, yet) to become the most graceful sword-swinging valkyrie of vengeance a toweringly tall, big-footed blonde has ever brought to the screen.
However, the Avvocato's characterization, like Firmino's name, is also informed by Lyotard's Signed, Malraux, a biography of a subject haunted by sexual difference whose identity turns on his signature, and whose antiFascist rhetoric is toweringly inaudible: Tabucchi's mock disavowal of Lyotard in La gastrite coincides with the coalescence of their practices of anamnesis.
Yet even within this group of the sharpest cutting edges, Flavin stood out, his toweringly intractable presence always cushioned from reality by his devoted wife, Sonia Severdija.
toweringly profitable products it could think of-human pharmaceuticals.
If you're bored to tears with the toweringly unrealistic Lexi saga.