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The townsmen were reminded that their shops and businesses were protected only because of the security that the magnates' arms provided and the landless gentry were fobbed off with promises of equal status with the nobility.
The transformative nature of this mythology depends upon efforts to keep the object vitalized, a process which is much easier for Lucas, individually, than for Ruby's townsmen, collectively.
Recently, two townsmen took it upon themselves to flood the common so that children could enjoy skating during their February vacation.
Arab townsmen and Arab tribesmen regard each other mutually as poor relations, and poor relations are much more objectionable than poor strangers.
In a model of accessible scholarship, Professor Atkins lays out Minnesota's achievement of statehood amidst the competing interests of indigenous natives, traders, farmers, townsmen, and politicians.
THE BURRY MAN, 1971 Following an ancient pagan tradition, one of the townsmen of Queensferry, Lothian, dresses up as the remarkable Burry Man every summer - parading through the streets, frightening children and keeping the ancient custom alive.
The advance was made along the main path leading into the town, and the townsmen had fortified this path with tree trunks and pits in which they were concealed with their guns.
By and large, she says, the minor local lairds and townsmen are concerned with their immediate personal and local needs, she says, but their responses to the Reformation enhance the larger picture of the Scottish urban Reformation and reveal close and sometimes parallel tendencies and patterns of reform across Europe.
As the battle raged on, townsmen used two bodies for target practice and let a hog chew on a third.
It is at its best during the first meeting with the girls, when the gentleman's excuse me collapses into farce and a barn-raising turns into a brawl with the townsmen.
The medieval townsmen differed from the peasants in their thoughts and attitudes, but also in their living environment.
My dog-eared copy of The Federalist Papers, Hamilton, Madison and Jay's brilliant essays promoting the Constitution, features a wonderful illustration on its cover: A man in a tri-corner hat is reading a newspaper aloud to an engaged group of fellow townsmen.