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In the 1960s Townswomen raised PS48,000 to build flats for the war refugees.
The Townswomen Guild is a 55,000-strong national organisation which prides itself in its involvement with local, national and global concerns including domestic violence, legalisation of cannabis and discipline in the classroom.
The following morning more Birmingham Townswomen travelled to the National Council meeting at the Royal Albert Hall.
The national chairwoman of Townswomen, from Birmingham, was also there, as well as the chairwoman and Secretary of the Federation of Townswomen's Guilds.
Four hundred townswomen heard Ian Redmond, from BBC Bristol, talk about gorillas in the wild and the filming of Dynasty in the Mist.
CELEBRATION: Members of the Huddersfield Townswomen Guild (from left) Kathleen Brown, Marjorie Hirst, Pauline Myers (national HQ), Margaret Watson, Mayor Karam Hussain, Jean Rounding, Hazel Wadsworth, (chairman), Doreen Rostron and Marjorie Neal (PC180309Dtownswomen-01)