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There are many methods to detect this toxicant, but in addition to high costs, these methods are time-consuming and require skillful and expert people to carry out the tests.
Several decades have been spent researching the nature of tobacco smoke, identifying key toxicants and developing technologies to reduce the levels of some toxicants in smoke.
That finding is generally consistent with other studies that have found this pathway plays a role in various bodily responses to PCBs and other toxicants.
Aquatic organisms that don't filter feed, as mussels do, would take in only inconsequential amounts of the toxicant, he adds.
Norflurazon: 332 pounds; possible carcinogen, birth defects, reproductive toxicant
Chemically diverse toxicants converge on Fyn and c-Cbl to disrupt precursor cell function.
The book is organized around toxicants at home and work (lead, radon, mold, asbestos), toxicants we eat, drink, or buy at the store (toxicants in food, water pollution, consumer products), toxicants in air (indoor and outdoor), and toxicants in the yard and neighborhood (garden, power lines, hazardous waste sites, volatile organics), and the authors also provide an informative section on cancer clusters.
Last year, an American Academy of Pediatrics report designated mercury a major environmental toxicant that "should not be present in the home or other environments of children: It explicitly identified old fever thermometers as a source.
DEHP, listed by the State of California as a reproductive toxicant, can harm the normal development of the male reproductive system in premature neonates, toddlers and adolescent boys(a,b).
This toxicant gained notoriety as a defoliant used by U.
Rosenblum and his team will establish a database focused on changes in protein activity that result from toxicant exposure.