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All traces of the caches were then carefully obliterated.
When a seal was caught, Kotuko the dog would bound forward, his trace trailing behind him, and help to pull the body to the sleigh, where the tired and hungry dogs lay sullenly under the lee of the broken ice.
One more effort had been made to find a trace of the lost man, and once again the effort had failed.
What would be the result if he roused new hopes by resuming the effort to trace Miss Silvester, and if he lost the trace a second time?
Besides these stains, drops of blood had fallen in all directions, in line with the visible traces of the footsteps--large and black--of the murderer.
I am assured that there are many poisons known only to a few chemists in the world, a single grain of which is sufficient to destroy the strongest man and leave not the slightest trace behind.
It was therefore necessary, before everything else, and at all risks, that I should cause all traces of the past to disappear -- that I should destroy every material vestige; too much reality would always remain in my recollection.
Traces of volcanic eruptions were to be seen in various directions.
The reason why women are so prominent is obvious: since most families and tribes claimed to be descended from a god, the only safe clue to their origin was through a mortal woman beloved by that god; and it has also been pointed out that `mutterrecht' still left its traces in northern Greece in historical times.
First, we will grant that many minds, and perhaps those of the philosophers, are entirely free from the least traces of such a passion.
Spitz was the leader, likewise experienced, and while he could not always get at Buck, he growled sharp reproof now and again, or cunningly threw his weight in the traces to jerk Buck into the way he should go.
And now, the hand that traces these words, falters, as it approaches the conclusion of its task; and would weave, for a little longer space, the thread of these adventures.