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1998, New data for old pots: Trace element characterization of ancient Egyptian pottery using ICP-MS: Journal of Archaeological Science, v.
We recommend a royal-blue top collection tube with no additive or with heparin for trace element testing.
Dr Genever said that producers should recognise that compounds are generally well-fortified with trace elements and that overfeeding supplements can cause problems such as copper toxicity.
The trace elements affected relate to the functional group of compound trace elements referred to in Annex 1, 3b of EC Regulation 1831/2003.
Exploiting dynamic reaction cell inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (DRC-ICP-MS) for sequential determination of trace elements in blood using a dilute-and-shoot procedure.
At the same time, there are but few investigations on the enrichment and distribution characteristics of trace elements and REEs in Chinese oil shale.
Trace element concentrations in ground water were found to decrease in the following sequence: Cd > Pb > Zn > Ni > Fe > Cu > Mn.
However, ARB, which had been in operation for four years, contained lower trace element concentrations than the younger basin SLL.
In this respect, specific changes in the trace element composition of scalp hair may reflect deviations from the norm.
Soil organic matter shows potential to ameliorate trace element toxicity to plants by redistributing metals to less-available forms (Shuman 1999).
16 June 2009 - French trace element producer Olmix has announced that its inorganic salts division (including trace elements), continues to be negatively impacted by volatile copper prices and by the drop in iron sulphate availability linked to the decrease in steel production, caused mainly by the automobile industry.