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Simply ship any test equipment repaired by the company back to Naptech once a year for five years and Naptech will perform a complete, NIST traceable calibration and ship the unit back to you at no charge.
They have spent many years working to ensure the supply-chain is fully traceable from farm to pack and building strong principles which are embodied in assurance schemes like Red Tractor.
Ask your retailers where the food they are selling comes from and look out for the Red Tractor logo carrying the Union flag to know the food is produced to good standards and traceable from farm to pack.
We are delighted to be the first company to be certified and able to offer segregated sustainable and traceable palm oil and bakery shortenings to the food manufacturing and catering sectors," says Gary Lewis, commercial manager at Nortech Foods.
The trading statement said: "We are confident that the refinery will attract similar end users who value the attributes of refined traceable palm oil that is produced sustainably and certified accordingly.
The 7-Day Traceable [R] Controller will turn equipment on and off in intervals as short as one minute or as long as 168 hours.
Nevertheless, the need to place traceable marks on uncured extruded rubber continued to grow.
Since the government failed to prove the debt was incurred to purchase the stock as required by the first test, it argued that the borrowed funds were directly traceable to the stock purchase as required by the second.
Traditional emulsive photography always had a traceable origin to rely upon.
XSYS Print Solutions and Microtrace LLC announced a partnership to deliver a traceable, anti-counterfeit ink technology to the narrow web tag and label industry.
This can be established by (1) borrowings directly traceable to exempt investments (i.
Funds would transfer directly from one state-created account to another, and thus be "completely traceable.