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The sheer size of the oceans in comparison with the tiny amount of radioactive material used within tracers ensures that there is a negligible threat to the natural environment.
However, although this topic is crucial, the tracer signal of partially filled point has not been given much attention because of experimental difficulties.
Sampling was accomplished using Brookhaven Atmospheric Tracer Samplers (BATS), which are automated, programmable air samplers.
By installing the tracer wire parallel to the pipe (as opposed to above) you are ensuring an accurate depth location of your pipe, and eliminating the possibility of an accidental third-party break in the tracer wire which could go unreported to you.
Participants had a first-hand look at the TRACER payload integrated on a C-12 platform and posters of TRACER-generated images.
Nevertheless, there has continued to be interest in somehow measuring tracer movement out of bone, as was done, early on, for tracer movement into bone.
The capabilities of Tracer XT also enable a high level of availability by combining redundant equipment, controls and workstation strategies.
For the tracer experiments on commercial flights, the sampling and release locations may be dependent on the circumstances and the arrangement on flights.
As for the linearity between the concentration of the tracer and the intensity of the fluorescent analog signal, it was established by superimposing the measured distributions obtained by injecting different amounts of the tracer to the extruder.
This book will be an invaluable reference not only for students and researchers within the field of Hydrology and Hydrogeology but also for engineers and other tracer techniques applying users.
Tracer Mobile Workforce (Tracer MW), the top mobile workforce platform in Africa, has introduced its electronic signature solution to get documents finalised and get on with business remotely, securely and on any device.
Lockheed Martin's Tactical Reconnaissance and Counter-Concealment-Enabled Radar, TRACER, will support SOUTHCOM missions in counter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.