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On the 3d of September he arrived on the summit of a mountain which commanded a full view of the eventful valley of Pierre's Hole; whence he could trace the winding of its stream through green meadows, and forests of willow and cotton-wood, and have a prospect, between distant mountains, of the lava plains of Snake River, dimly spread forth like a sleeping ocean below.
Among these they found the traces of a large Indian camp, which had evidently been the headquarters of a hunting expedition, from the great quantities of buffalo bones strewed about the neighborhood.
Kotuko made him a tiny harness with a trace to it, and hauled him all over the house- floor, shouting: "Aua
The thumb is wanting and we have only the mark of the palm; but if we follow the trace of the hand," I continued, "we see that, after leaving its imprint on the wall, the touch sought the door, found it, and then felt for the lock--"
The toil of the traces seemed the supreme expression of their being, and all that they lived for and the only thing in which they took delight.
Nearly always in cases like this there is some little detail or other overlooked, some wee little track or trace left behind, and detection follows; but here there's not even the faintest suggestion of a trace left.
I am ignorant if these remarks are new, or if they will be confirmed by closer examination ; but I think, that, on a hasty observation, Coningsburgh offers means of curious study to those who may wish to trace the history of architecture back to the times preceding the Norman Conquest.
This is the very person,' she said, 'whom your lawyer thought likely to help him, when he was trying to trace the lost courier.
After the insulting words which his master had spoken to him, Dermody's pride was concerned in leaving no trace of his whereabouts; my father might consider it as a trace purposely left with the object of reuniting Mary and me.
It was seamed and furrowed; he could trace the lines with the tips of his fingers.
The unexpected recovery of the lost trace of Miss Silvester--there is no disguising it--seriously annoyed him.
It seems that the doctors could find no trace of disease, nothing to have caused death.