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Simulations: As in previous studies, (3) we can use the TRM (Thermal Risk Management) simulation tool to simulate these traces.
Deep-marine ichnology is ably reviewed by Uchman, but here the focus is on the evolution of deep-marine trace fossils.
PCI design guides recommend routing signal lines along a similar path with trace lengths matching to within 25 mils.
Some simulators (such as Mentor Graphics' Hyperlynx) permit collection of a set of data for determining propagation time for otherwise identical traces in both a stripline and a microstrip environment while changing trace parameters.
Bite marks are a type of evidence known as trace fossils.
Programmers must have trace tools to adequately debug software and there are many third-party tools available on the market.
Figure 2B shows two shot traces after the process adjustment was made.
Thus, if a crime gun recovery traces back to a purchaser, law enforcement officers should check with the tracing center to see if the same individual purchased other firearms.
The track of their lives is constituted by the traces of that past, largely their memories, which paradoxically give their present lives meaning and prevent the fulfillment of those present lives.
Traces can be statistically sampled to reduce simulation time with a very acceptable reduction in accuracy.
This spectrum analyzer's automatic limits test function compares live trace data to limit traces recalled from its analyzer's trace memory.
In samples from the foundry C landfill, a trace of 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane was found in one sample from well 1 and traces of 1,2-dichloroethane and trichloroethane were found in one sample each from well 2A.