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Bronchogenic cysts are developmental anomalies resulting from an abnormal budding of the tracheobronchial tree.
Papillomas are the most common benign neoplasm of the tracheobronchial tree and occur in multiple and solitary forms.
Her tracheobronchial tree was thin-walled and small in caliber with focal areas of bone formation.
Unusual complications caused by a foreign body in the tracheobronchial tree.
The frontal high kilovolt (kV) radiograph may be useful to assess the effect of enlarged TB lymph glands on the tracheobronchial tree.
Communication between the esophagus and the tracheobronchial tree is an unusual clinical condition, which may be either congenital (2) or acquired.
Through text and a large number of detailed illustrations he covers the embryology of the lung, gross anatomy of the thorax, pleura, tracheobronchial tree and lungs, radiology, histology, physiology, pathology, microbiology and pharmacology.
We conclude with the following algorithm: When a patient presents with a missing prosthesis, evaluation of the tracheobronchial tree must be performed.
Bronchopulmonary sequestration (BPS) involves abnormal, nonfunctioning pulmonary tissue that does not connect with the normal tracheobronchial tree and receives its vascular supply from the systemic circulation.
Fistulas between the aorta and the tracheobronchial tree often arise as a complication in the setting of aortic atherosclerotic aneurysms or previous thoracic vascular surgery.
The simulator provides excellent realtime video of the tracheobronchial tree, down to the level of segmental bronchi and the user controls and directs the fibrescope into the airway of interest.